About Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences at Trent

Trent University is the first academic institution to offer a degree-granting
program in Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences (IESS) and has long been recognized as a leader in Indigenous Studies.

IESS is a collaboration between the Department of Indigenous Studies (INDG) and the Environmental and Resource Science/Studies Program (ERS), and is designed to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the growing field of Indigenous environmental issues.

The IESS program is unique in Canada and brings together principles of both Indigenous Knowledge and western science.  Instruction in these two approaches provides our students with the necessary skills and critical thinking abilities that they can begin to use in addressing the complex environmental problems facing both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities around the world today. The foundation upon which the program and its courses are based inherently recognizes both the strengths and limitations of any single perspective when attempting to understand and address environmental and social issues.  Throughout their experience in IESS students gain an appreciation and understanding of the benefits of this multidisciplinary approach through experiential, theoretical and practice based learning involving topical and current case study reviews. The skills obtained in the Indigenous Environmental Studies Program supports the training of creative and broad thinking individuals, who are well prepared to address a wide range of environmental and health issues facing the global community today.